SOME THOUGHTS OF INTEREST:We are a very small home cattery in the central United States. Our goal is to produce a limited number of high quality kittens to improve the rare RagaMuffin style of cat. Emphasis is placed on quality of health, temperament and appearance rather than the number produced. For three to four months the little ones are played with each day to socialize them for their new adoptive families. Our first concern is the health, happiness and well-being of each of the kittens. Needless to say breeders are very careful to place them in caring, capable homes...

We reserve the right to determine who is or is not  acceptable to purchase a kittens, at our own discretion. 

NO DECLAW POLICY: We have a strict NO DECLAW POLICY. It is generally acknowledged that this is very inhumane, mutilating surgery. Imagine a human being having their fingers surgically removed at the first knuckle level.


CAUTION: If you are considering purchasing a kitten please remember RagaMuffin ownership should be considered a lifelong commitment.

If you do not feel you are able to make a total commitment at this time, please delay purchasing your kitten until you feel sure you are ready.

Since we are selective breeders producing only a few litters each year, kitten availability will be extremely limited.