GC SERENDIPPITY SWEET TO BEHOLD (aka "Sweet B') is an ACFA Grand Champion, and CFA Champion mom. Her 2013 Christmas Litter and 2014 Easter Litter were sired by GC IMPERIALRAGS BE STILL MY HEART (aka "Bing"), another Grand ChampionPictured above is her award certificates from ACFA. She was the 2014 Inter-American (1) Best Ragamuffin Adult, and (2) Forty-First (all breed) Best Adult. We are most proud of her because ACFA , "The American Cat Fanciers Association" is the first organization to recognize this new and rare breed.

"Bright Eyes"

"Our family is so impressed with Lots to Love Ragamuffins!  My husband, son and I adopted two kittens from this small cattery, where all the animals are part of the family. Steve and Donna lavish so much love on the kittens as they are growing! They are attuned to wanting the best for their Ragamuffins and therefore spend lots of time answering questions, sending photos and video updates, and making the transition between homes go as smoothly as possible.  In fact, my parents were so impressed with our experience, that they also adopted a kitten from Lots to Love Ragamuffins! Steve and Donna have helped to identify which kittens would be best suited for our home (with a small child) and theirs (an older couple).  Our experience far exceeded our expectations!!  Indeed, there IS "Lots to Love" about this Ragamuffin cattery!!

-- St Louis and Michigan families."